Planting grass seed

planting grass seed.jpg Preparation of the ground area before planting grass seed takes time and planning. There are various types of grass seed which could be used to compliment any garden and it is worth considering how much wear and tear the final lawn may be subjected to on a regular basis.

This will affect seed selection as a lawn which is continually used by a family to play football on will need harder wearing grass as opposed to planting grass seed in an area which may have stepping stones or a path over it because the lawn will be protected from being walked upon.

Future posts will address the variety of grass seeds which gardeners may consider using but for the benefit of this post most gardens grass seeds that are used are generally blended in that they have a mixture of slow or fast growing seeds. There are also many different brands of the same type of seed but when choosing seed it should be clear on the packaging the percentage of the material which you get is actual seed.

Take time to understand the specific characteristics of certain grasses as your lawn may be shaded or exposed to sunny areas which will affect the tolerance of the grass and ultimately the look and appeal of it throughout the seasons. It may need to deal with drought or heavy rain dependant on the changing climate or location of the house. The use of a good quality soil will help to improve the chances for the seeds to germinate and create a weed free lawn if this is combined with a lawn seed spreader then it will help to distribute the seeds evenly over the prepared area. Also remember that many birds will also see the spreading of seed as an opportunity for them so rake areas which may have been disturbed so that the lawn roller can compact the soil and retain its level appearance.