Mowing the lawn again after winter?

Let’s face it, nobody really wants to think about mowing the lawn after winter . …. but if you delay the inevitable, then it will not be the best approach.

The quick answer is to start mowing in March, if the weather follows the seasonal norm and it warms up slightly so the grass starts to grow again.


Let’s suppose your one of the lucky few who managed to do a final cut of the grass at the end of October, or early November.The grass will be shorter and ready for a cut.

Well done, you made it easier for your first cut after winter.

If you are a lucky gardener, then maybe your good fortune will hold out a little longer for you to retrieve your trusted (and usually reliable) petrol lawnmower from the garden shed or garage.

The petrol lawnmower has been languishing there for the last 6 months…. you pull the starter cord and it starts first time…. hey presto all is good, one petrol mower ready for action !

No problems…… Cut grass……. Job done.

If your luck has run out and your faithful lawnmower has not been winter stored correctly then you may need to call on the services of a gardener. Alternatively you may have been in the same position last cutting season when your petrol rotary lawnmower failed to start and you decided to purchase an electric mower to combat starting problems. Again, well done. You will be able to start cutting the lawn just as soon as you have found and plugged in your electrical circuit breaker.

Then connect your extension lead from the house mains electrics and uncoil all the electrical cable across the garden ensuring that you do not run over it with your mower. You may find it difficult to see the cable in the long grass.

Are you local to Bromsgrove ? Dodford ? Redditch ? and your petrol or electric lawnmower is not ready for action then just contact me

For those gardeners less fortunate… you may find it easier to just contact your local gardener

Seasonal changes often make it difficult to predict when to cut the lawn, but generally first cut tends to be March, weather permitting. Its usually at this point in time when many of you feel that you wished you had smaller grassed areas.

Do you often consider the daunting ritual prospect ahead of yourself of trying to stick to weekly or fortnightly grass cutting schedules ? If so, then you are not alone as many people love to enjoy their gardens and spending time relaxing in them. But when it comes to maintenance on a regular basisĀ  it is often difficult to have the time to see those good intentions through as other commitments get in the way of the best laid plans. Make it easy for yourself and just let a gardener take the effort of the grass cutting away from you.

There will be some people who may cut the grass before this month and others who will be equally happy to wait until the first dry day.

Be prepared for the lawn mowing season and save yourself the trouble by contacting Bromsgrove Gardener at the start of the year.

Mowing the lawn

The first grass cut of the year after winter may be the only time the lawn in the garden has been looked at since the previous year. It is therefore very important to have a quick walk around the garden to check for anything hidden in the long grass. This is especially important if you are a gardener who is mowing the lawn for the first time for a new customer as you will need to be familiar with the lawn. Clearing the grass of any objects will reduce any accidents with the lawnmower. Using a rake with long tines to quickly rake over the garden may seem a waste of time when you would rather just start cutting the grass straight away.However, if you are unfortunate enough to pass the cutting blade of the lawnmower over a hidden object in the long grass, then it will cost you more than just time.



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