Mow the lawn and sell your property fast.

Need to sell your house ? Then make sure you mow the lawn as a priority. Purchasers will often view a property and try to imagine what it would be like if they lived in the home. Looking around an overgrown garden where the vendor has forgot to mow the lawn will give the impression of neglect and possibly a chore to have to complete on a regular basis. Some buyers might not even make it to your front door to have a look around the property if when they arrive they are greeted by an overgrown front garden. Kerb appeal could break the deal if you have not mowed the grass.


Consider using the grass cutting services of a local gardener to ensure that the lawn is cut and the garden maintained on a weekly or fortnightly basis until the property is sold. Not only will the property sell quicker if it looks more attractive to buyers, but it will help the vendor achieve a sale closer to the asking price. If you are an estate agent offering a property for sale which has been left empty, then why not suggest to the vendor they use a local gardening service.

This is also a similar situation for landlords who wish to rent affordable and well managed properties to tenants. Landlords could offer this service as part of a package to help with the rental of the property by including garden maintenance. This would save the tenant having to carry out garden duties and purchase lawnmowers etc which have to be stored around the property or in sheds. Many properties being sold are inhabited until contracts are exchanged on the new property. It therefore makes sense to continue to mow the lawn while you are still living in the property as a change in feeling towards the property can occur at anytime if the property becomes neglected and the purchaser decides not to progress with the sale.

mow the lawn

How to mow the lawn – lawn mowing tips.

1. Service your lawnmower before the start of every season and make sure the lawnmower blade is secure and correctly sharpened.

2. Adjust the height of the cutting blade before the grass cut, to ensure no more than a third of the leaf blade is removed during the mow.

3. Try to avoid mowing the lawn in the wet or just after periods of heavy rainfall. The lawnmower will sink into the grass further and this will affect the true cutting height of the grass. More height may therefore be removed from the grass than intended.

4. Cut the grass if possible fortnightly in the spring. As the weather warms up the grass will grow quicker and you may find the lawn requires cutting on a weekly basis through the growing season.

5. At the start of the season create clean cut edges using a half moon edging tool. Then continue cutting lawn edges with long handled edging shears during grass cutting.

6. Try to vary the direction of the cut throughout the season. This will help to get an even cut of the grass across all areas of the lawn from different directions and slopes.

7. Experiment with lawn stripes if you have a lawnmower with a rear roller. Stripes help to give the grass a well cared for and manicured look. If you are selling your home a striped lawn creates a stunning visual affect.

8. Collect long grass clippings from the lawn if the lawnmower has a grass collector attached. If you have a mulching lawnmower occasionally allow the fine grass clippings to disperse evenly over the lawn, to add nutrients back into the grass.

9. Keep the weight of the collecting grass basket to a minimum by emptying more frequently if the grass is damp. Wet grass weighs more and will make the lawnmower heavier putting extra pressure on the engine and drive the wheels deeper into the soil. The lawnmower may bottom out if the blades catch the soil when compressed under the extra weight.

10. Avoid cutting lawns in periods of hot or drought conditions as the grass needs to maintain water retention in the leaf blades. Reducing the leaf cut will reduce water storage.

11. Refueling of petrol mowers ideally needs to take place away from the lawn where possible, if there is a chance of spilling petrol on the grass. Grass will turn black and then yellow staining occurs on areas where petrol has leaked.

12. When using an electric lawnmower remember to check the cable for cuts along the cable length before using the lawnmower. Keep the cable away from the cutting blades by placing the cable behind you so you are not cutting in the direction towards the cable.


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