Leaf collection service

leaf collection service
leaf collection service offered by Bromsgrove Gardener

October is a great time to go out in the garden to rake up the garden leaves from the lawn. Bromsgrove gardener can offer a leaf collection service to gather the leaves and ideally deposit them in a recycling bin for you to have them collected by the local council recycling service or preferably use them to compost naturally in an area of the garden to be used at a later date for leaf compost.

Removal of leaves from the lawn area does take time but if they are left too long on the grass surface they will start to decay. Which will not help the lawn area when the grass starts to grow again. If the leaves are left on the lawn over the winter months then the grass will become inhibited as it will remain damp under the blanket of rotting leaves. Leaves will often collect in gutters and grids around the perimeter of the home and if left will also cause problems with drainage.

At the start of the gardening season Bromsgrove gardener will remove any leaves from the lawn which have been built up over the winter. The lawn area can then be raked  to remove any surface moss and thatch using a stiff long tine rake. Please do not contact Bromsgrove Gardener if you wish to have leaves or other garden waste removed from your property as we do not wish to remove garden debris and waste household items from properties. We will cut down overgrown areas to tidy the gardens but do not offer a disposal service as there are many companies which profit from removing waste through the official waste carrier scheme and offer an excellent service to dispose of waste.

If you would like to spend more time relaxing in your garden then please contact your local gardener through the website

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