Lawn mowing service

What is a great lawn mowing service ?

A lawn mowing service should in my opinion only be referred to as a service if after receiving it you feel happy with what has been completed.

There is no point in contacting someone to cut your grass if, after visiting, you have to trim the edges of your lawn yourself, or sweep any grass clippings from the path.

A great lawn mowing service should include :-

  • strimming/cutting the edges of the lawn where possible 
  • sweeping/blowing the grass from the paths near the lawn after completion of the work.

Use the services of a gardener who is polite, trustworthy, reliable and passionate about ensuring you are happy with the work…. you will then appreciate what a great lawn mowing service is !

Why not consider using a lawn mowing service on a regular or one off basis to keep the garden looking its best throughout the year. Just email me through the contact form.

There are many reasons why people choose to use a lawn mowing service :-

  • The lawnmower has broken or it does not start when they retrieved the petrol mower from the shed/garage after the winter.
  • Recently moved into the property and previous owner last cut the lawn before selling property.
  • Rental property with garden but nowhere to store lawnmower.
  • No requirement to purchase a lawnmower  but landlord insists garden needs to be kept tidy for deposit refund at the end of tennancy.
  • Lawn mowing serviceHappy to sit in the garden and enjoy with family, rather than labour in it !
  • Recovering from an injury or illness so unable to work in the garden for a period of time until recovery, but really love gardening.
  • Don’t have the time to spend cutting the grass as often at work until late and only have weekends to complete jobs around the house.
  • Away from the property for long periods through work commitments or holidays.
  • Have a passion for gardening but some jobs require extra help to complete.
  • Caring for elderly relatives who require the garden to be looked after.
  • Selling your property and require a gardener to mow the lawn on a regular basis. While the property is being sold through regular viewings.

Whatever the reasons may be….. just feel free to contact Bromsgrove Gardener.


We always try to encourage natural composting of grass clippings by creating a compost heap or using compost receptacles which many gardeners use in the corners of their gardens. A lot of people choose to deposit their clippings into the regular council garden waste bin collection schemes. This is an excellent service and value for money throught the season as it saves numerous trips to the local recycling refuse centre. The brown recycling garden waste bins usually start to be collected in March and in the Bromsgrove area they are collected every 2 weeks on the same day until the end of November.

There are never two gardens which are the same. Some gardens may have a lawn area surrounded by borders or split by paths and stepping stones. If you are considering using any garden services then it is always better to first chat to Bromsgrove gardener by requesting a visit to your garden to generally view the size and see what could be offered.

A maintenance service throughout the year will give your lawns and garden the best opportunity to become healthy and vibrant. This can include rotovating borders and vegetable patches to break up the soil to reduce weeds in the borders. Removing moss and dead thatch from the lawn on a regular basis will keep the lawn looking its best.

The grass also benefits if it is treated with fertilizers and is cut at least every two weeks using lawnmowers which have sharpened blades so they slice through the blades of grass rather than rip them with blunt lawnmower blades.

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Lawn Mowing Service
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