Lawn mower repairs in Bromsgrove

lawn mower repairsIf you have decided to retrieve your lawn mower out of the shed this weekend to clean and service it ready for the next garden season then consider saving yourself time and money as lawn mower repairs can be expensive….. there is a solution to costly lawn mower repairs….. contacting Bromsgrove gardener will ensure that you no longerĀ  have to hope the lawnmower starts when you next retrieve it from the shed…..theĀ  lawn could be cut for yourself when the grass starts to grow again by Bromsgrove gardener.

Tried to start the Lawn mower and no longer have a use for it ? …….regardless of the condition then please contact myself through the contact button and I will be more than happy to collect the lawnmower.


There are of course certain things that you may wish to try to give yourself a better chance of starting the lawn mower next season and avoid costly lawn mower repairs.

  • Completely empty the lawnmower of all petrol ensuring that there is no fuel left in any of the fuel lines or petrol tank.
  • Try not to power the lawnmower until the petrol runs out as this may allow sediment which can collect at the bottom of the petrol tank (particularly on older metal designs) to be drawn into the carburettor to block the internal jets.
  • Use an aerosol carburettor cleaner to flush out any sediment in the petrol jets to reduce the cost of expensive lawn mower repairs.
  • Remove any wet grass or debris which collects on the lawnmower. If the lawn mower is left for a long period of time with the remnants of grass from the previous season it will trap moisture. This will rust any metal surfaces quickly particularly prevalent to the underside of base plates where the grass is not thrown back into the grass box because it is wet and heavy. Instead it will stick to the top of the base plate as the blade rotates. I often spray the area with a moisture inhibitor such as WD40 which helps to reduce moisture and inhibits rust forming.
  • If confident to sharpen the lawn mower blade then this will certainly help with cutting the grass next season so that the blades of grass have a clean cut.
  • Check any cables for wear particularly where the handles of the lawnmower fold as this causes the plastic outer sheath to fracture and the metal core then becomes exposed to the elements when using the lawn mower. Any lubrication of the inner cable will help with the freedom of movement.
  • Electric lawnmowers also need to have the electrical cables checked for wear and more important to check areas where they may rub against handles and frame.
  • To ensure the petrol lawnmower can produce a good spark in the engine it is important to either clean and check the spark plug gap or purchase another spark plug.

**** If you are conducting any service repair work on the lawnmower which is petrol or battery operated then it is important to remember to disconnect the battery and/0r disconnect the spark plug lead from the spark plug before starting any work. If it is electric then power off at the mains and do not turn back on until it is safe to continue. ****


Thank you