Hedge cutting services

Hedge cutting services are provided in Redditch, Bromsgrove, Dodford and all other local Worcestershire areas. To encourage growth of new buds on hedges it is recommended to have the hedges trimmed on a regular basis to keep them compact and looking their best. Hedge trimming services can be accommodated on a regular or one off basis to suit your needs.

All tools used for trimming and cutting are supplied by Bromsgrove gardener and are petrol operated so there is no need to access other power sources.

This service can be offered when customers may be away from home during the day or on holiday if there is access to the property. All garden hedge clippings can be swept up if required, although we always try to encourage natural composting in the garden or recycling bins to help save the environment.

A neatly trimmed hedge always gives a tidy impression of a well maintained property which is especially important if you are renting or selling your property.
Hedges can look spindly and grow long branches if they are not cut and cared for on a regular basis. When these are trimmed the hedge looks bare without any leaves as if it has been ‘hacked’.

To avoid this just contact ourselves to trim before they start to grow too long and a simple trim will save that neglected look.


Conifers can also be cut by ourselves throughout the season as certain conifers can grow at least one foot in height every year. If the tops of the conifers are trimmed this will obviously stop them from growing taller and will encourage them to become thicker in the lower branches.