Planting grass seed

planting grass seed.jpg Preparation of the ground area before planting grass seed takes time and planning. There are various types of grass seed which could be used to compliment any garden and it is worth considering how much wear and tear the final lawn may be subjected to on a regular basis.

This will affect seed selection as a lawn which is continually used by a family to play football on will need harder wearing grass as opposed to planting grass seed in an area which may have stepping stones or a path over it because the lawn will be protected from being walked upon.

Future posts will address the variety of grass seeds which gardeners may consider using but for the benefit of this post most gardens grass seeds that are used are generally blended in that they have a mixture of slow or fast growing seeds. There are also many different brands of the same type of seed but when choosing seed it should be clear on the packaging the percentage of the material which you get is actual seed.

Take time to understand the specific characteristics of certain grasses as your lawn may be shaded or exposed to sunny areas which will affect the tolerance of the grass and ultimately the look and appeal of it throughout the seasons. It may need to deal with drought or heavy rain dependant on the changing climate or location of the house. The use of a good quality soil will help to improve the chances for the seeds to germinate and create a weed free lawn if this is combined with a lawn seed spreader then it will help to distribute the seeds evenly over the prepared area. Also remember that many birds will also see the spreading of seed as an opportunity for them so rake areas which may have been disturbed so that the lawn roller can compact the soil and retain its level appearance.

Scarify lawn with a rake to help get rid of toadstools.

IMG_0680Lawns are ideal areas for various types of fungi to grow but they do not harm the lawn as they are generally just feeding on dead grass or “thatch” which is usually just found on the soil surface. Scarify lawn with a rake to help get rid of toadstools. The easiest way, however, to get rid of fungi on the soil surface is to simply brush them off.

A longer term solution would be to scarify the lawn during the Autumn season and then spike with a garden fork which will help to improve drainage. Certain types of Fungi like to feed on dead tree roots underground and often these spores are released to the surface soil when they are unearthed after chopping a tree and the roots are left in the sub soil.

To stop these fungi from appearing you will need to dig out any decaying wood and tree stumps from the soil and then re-turf the area. Often fungi and toadstools can be found where a tree has been felled with a chainsaw, as the bark and shavings from the felled tree are often dispersed with the chainsaw blade during the cutting process. Where these shavings land the spores on the wood have the ideal conditions for growth

If the grass starts to produce toadstools which are creamy-brown and appear in a circle then this is referred to as a fairy ring.

The use of a premium quality garden rake makes the job of scarifying a selective area of the lawn a lot easier. There are various types of rakes to choose from but my preference is a long tine rake with a longer handle to allow the tines to come into close contact with the thatch and moss. The use of a scarifier is an efficient method for quicker removal of moss and thatch but for most gardeners the purchase of a scarifier for personal garden use may not be the most cost effective solution if you are only scarifying a small patch on an infrequent basis. Bromsgrove gardener will scarify lawns if included in a regular service throughout the season.

The ring does expand over time which causes the grass on the outside of the ring to start to die off but the inner grass however becomes lusher and greener.

Ideally it is best to brush off toadstools before any of the spores start to spread and mow the area collecting the clippings to place in the recycling bin or place on the compost heap to decompose naturally.

If there are any areas which have been heavily affected by toadstools which after mowing or brushing the toadstools return again then the only reliable method of treatment for the long term benefit would be to dig out all affected grass and topsoil to a depth of approximately 30cm and also 30cm to the sides and again dispose away from the area of the garden you wish to remain free from toadstools. Replace with fresh soil and re-turf the area which will produce a toadstool free lawn for months to come.

Hedge cutting service Bromsgrove

hedge cutting service

hedge cutting service

Transforming a neglected hedge requires regular care and attention to detail but a hedge cutting service on a frequent basis will produce striking and long lasting results. Most people associate a hedge cutting service with the common privet hedge which usually surrounds properties and over the years has been replaced by concrete posts and wooden fence panels. However many properties wish to retain the traditional character of aesthetically pleasing natural hedges created from conifers, holly bushes, beech hedges, laurel and privet.

Hedge cutting service Bromsgrove

If you wish to have your hedge removed and replaced with concrete or wood then it will look neat and tidy instantly and there are many reputable companies who will offer this service but Bromsgrove gardener would prefer that you contact them. If however you wish to retain your hedge and the natural wildlife which inhabits the hedge then please contact me for a hedge cutting service Bromsgrove.

It may take many years to produce the hedge which you probably currently have and to replace this with a structure which does not grow or need regular trimming may suit many garden owners. Hedges do offer the flexibility for privacy and also produce a natural way of creating a boundary which itself does not feel imposing as it may haven taken years to naturally create the ambience and tranquility which many hedges provide the wild birds. If you are considering trimming your own hedge throughout the year then it is recommended that you check that birds have not nested in the conifers or the hedge when the first trim is made as it becomes the perfect nesting site.

Bromsgrove gardener would welcome the opportunity to trim your hedge to retain its natural beauty for the future or reduce its height if it starts to limit light into properties or gardens.


Lawn mower repairs in Bromsgrove

lawn mower repairsIf you have decided to retrieve your lawn mower out of the shed this weekend to clean and service it ready for the next garden season then consider saving yourself time and money as lawn mower repairs can be expensive….. there is a solution to costly lawn mower repairs….. contacting Bromsgrove gardener will ensure that you no longer  have to hope the lawnmower starts when you next retrieve it from the shed…..the  lawn could be cut for yourself when the grass starts to grow again by Bromsgrove gardener.

Tried to start the Lawn mower and no longer have a use for it ? …….regardless of the condition then please contact myself through the contact button and I will be more than happy to collect the lawnmower.


There are of course certain things that you may wish to try to give yourself a better chance of starting the lawn mower next season and avoid costly lawn mower repairs.

  • Completely empty the lawnmower of all petrol ensuring that there is no fuel left in any of the fuel lines or petrol tank.
  • Try not to power the lawnmower until the petrol runs out as this may allow sediment which can collect at the bottom of the petrol tank (particularly on older metal designs) to be drawn into the carburettor to block the internal jets.
  • Use an aerosol carburettor cleaner to flush out any sediment in the petrol jets to reduce the cost of expensive lawn mower repairs.
  • Remove any wet grass or debris which collects on the lawnmower. If the lawn mower is left for a long period of time with the remnants of grass from the previous season it will trap moisture. This will rust any metal surfaces quickly particularly prevalent to the underside of base plates where the grass is not thrown back into the grass box because it is wet and heavy. Instead it will stick to the top of the base plate as the blade rotates. I often spray the area with a moisture inhibitor such as WD40 which helps to reduce moisture and inhibits rust forming.
  • If confident to sharpen the lawn mower blade then this will certainly help with cutting the grass next season so that the blades of grass have a clean cut.
  • Check any cables for wear particularly where the handles of the lawnmower fold as this causes the plastic outer sheath to fracture and the metal core then becomes exposed to the elements when using the lawn mower. Any lubrication of the inner cable will help with the freedom of movement.
  • Electric lawnmowers also need to have the electrical cables checked for wear and more important to check areas where they may rub against handles and frame.
  • To ensure the petrol lawnmower can produce a good spark in the engine it is important to either clean and check the spark plug gap or purchase another spark plug.

**** If you are conducting any service repair work on the lawnmower which is petrol or battery operated then it is important to remember to disconnect the battery and/0r disconnect the spark plug lead from the spark plug before starting any work. If it is electric then power off at the mains and do not turn back on until it is safe to continue. ****


Thank you

Pest control for vegetable gardens

vegetable gardensIn preparation for the months ahead, March is always the best time of year to get out in the garden and plan for vegetable gardens . Once you have located the area of the garden which will be used to start growing your vegetables it would be a good idea to start to lay the foundations for pest control.

After all, what would be the point of spending your quality time caring for your vegetable gardens only to find that just before you harvest any crops from them, white fly and aphids etc have already spoilt the produce.

It is the ideal time to consider how you could encourage predators which will be attracted to the garden and will eat insects and bugs which spoil vegetables. This will benefit the gardener as you will not have to use insecticides to protect specific produce.

To take control of mealy bugs, whitefly and aphids encourage predators such as hover flies, hungry lacewings and ladybirds to live in the garden. These adults will require a plentiful supply of nectar and pollen to survive.
Sow umbellifers (such as fennel and dill), calendula (pot marigolds) and cornflowers.

Slugs can also be kept under control by sinking containers just under the surface of the soil in the vegetable gardens and leaving approximately 1cm of the lip protruding. Then fill the container with beer and place a loose cover to act as a lid to stop rainwater diluting the beer. The slugs will be drawn to the beer over time and will fall into the container where they can be effectively removed.

As slugs are most active in moist and warm conditions another effective treatment which can be used is to spread broken egg shells around the base of plants which are attractive to slugs as they do not like the coarse nature of the shells. Many gardeners also protect hostas from slugs through the use of copper bands placed around the base of the hosta as the leaves are usually susceptible to slugs.

Strimming garden services in Bromsgrove

For reliable strimming garden services in Bromsgrove contact Bromsgrove gardener who would be happy to strim your garden.

Strimming is usually beneficial for lawns and gardens which sometimes have been left untreated

Maintain the grass at a reasonable length and contact Bromsgrove gardener for regular grass strimming as it will make it easier to use the lawn mower afterwards in the garden.

If the grass is too long it will become difficult for lawnmower blades to cut through the longer grass and very often it will become caught in the blades of both rotary and cylinder machines. The use of a petrol strimmer or brush cutter will help to reduce the height of rough areas of grass before grass cutting with a lawn mower.



Gardeners Bromsgrove for pruning trees and branches

Gardeners bromsgrove

Trees and branches pruned.

Due to the recent bad weather and high winds across the region many gardens will contain debris from the storms and you may find yourself searching for Gardeners in Bromsgrove to remove. If you live in  Bromsgrove then please consider contacting Bromsgrove Gardener.

Preventative tree care is always better if you are considering whether or not that tree in your garden could cause any damage to your property. Very often conifers are planted in gardens for privacy and to create effective borders and little thought is given to the speed with which they can grow over the years. Their appealing nature is that these trees do grow very quickly but if they are left to continue to grow after they have gone past the height of standard step ladders then control is often a problem. If trees need to be removed from gardens in Bromsgrove then searching for gardeners Bromsgrove will ensure that you will be in safe hands.

Cutting trees and pruning branches – help available from Gardeners Bromsgrove.

Trees and branches can be cut and removed from the property if they have no use for wood burners. There are many wood types to choose from which all have different burning properties when used on a wood burner. Ash trees are considered by many to be one of the best woods for burning as it can produce a steady flame and provides a good heat output. Ash trees can also be burnt when they are green unlike Beech trees which are also very good for heat output but do not burn well when green.

The best time to prune trees and garden shrubs is when they are in their dormant stage which is usually later winter or early spring there are exceptions such as plants that flower in the spring from buds made the previous season. Any winter pruning of these shrubs would destroy the current year’s bloom. If pruning is required to remove weak or dead limbs on trees then this can be completed at any time of the year with very little effect on the tree remaining.



Leaf collection service

leaf collection service

leaf collection service offered by Bromsgrove Gardener

October is a great time to go out in the garden to rake up the garden leaves from the lawn. Bromsgrove gardener can offer a leaf collection service to gather the leaves and ideally deposit them in a recycling bin for you to have them collected by the local council recycling service or preferably use them to compost naturally in an area of the garden to be used at a later date for leaf compost.

Removal of leaves from the lawn area does take time but if they are left too long on the grass surface they will start to decay. Which will not help the lawn area when the grass starts to grow again. If the leaves are left on the lawn over the winter months then the grass will become inhibited as it will remain damp under the blanket of rotting leaves. Leaves will often collect in gutters and grids around the perimeter of the home and if left will also cause problems with drainage.

At the start of the gardening season Bromsgrove gardener will remove any leaves from the lawn which have been built up over the winter. The lawn area can then be raked  to remove any surface moss and thatch using a stiff long tine rake. Please do not contact Bromsgrove Gardener if you wish to have leaves or other garden waste removed from your property as we do not wish to remove garden debris and waste household items from properties. We will cut down overgrown areas to tidy the gardens but do not offer a disposal service as there are many companies which profit from removing waste through the official waste carrier scheme and offer an excellent service to dispose of waste.

If you would like to spend more time relaxing in your garden then please contact your local gardener through the website

Garden services Redditch – Rhubarb the trouble free crop

garden services RedditchRhubarb is considered to be one of the most trouble free and value for money crops and Bromsgrove gardener is able to offer rhubarb plants to compliment garden services Redditch. It is extremely popular with many gardeners including myself as it attracts very few pests and gets bigger and better every year.

Rhubarb is a native of Russia and is often found growing wild on the banks of the river Volga, so it is well suited to our cold and rainy climate. The frost also helps to improve the flavours of the stalks which on new crops are best left for around 2 years before harvesting. The best crops are yielded from older well established crowns. Also consider using garden services Redditch to supply rhubarb plants when growing rhubarb as  the crown will benefit from being left in its original position in the garden(which those grown by Bromsgrove gardener have been raised in pots and not disturbed ) and would be best to leave enough space between plants due to the size of the leaves.

There are a selection of early -, mid- and late- cropping cultivars where their appearance differs and this reflects in the taste of the stems when cooked.
Many would associate the red in rhubarb with sweetness but this is not a true indication of flavour. Those stems which are pinky-green varieties often taste sweeter because they grow faster than the red types, which means there is less time for the sugars to break down.

Two years ago I started planting the Timperley Early variety in pots and found that they seemed to suit the soil conditions in my Bromsgrove garden. This variety is often used for forcing when it develops a better colour. For a mid/late crop I have started to grow Queen Victoria for garden services Redditch recently as their greenish-pink stalks yield large crops throughout August.

Due to the length of time it takes to grow a rhubarb plant from seed many home gardeners prefer to purchase established rhubarb crowns from garden centres so that they can start to use the stalks as soon as possible. Bromsgrove gardener has grown the Timperley Early and Queen Victoria varieties from seed.

Gardener in Bromsgrove

MWR services would like to say ” Thank you ” for visiting this website and hope that you may consider using the grass cutting service or any other service offered by the gardener in Bromsgrove. If you are looking for a gardener in Bromsgrove or gardener in Redditch then  as the garden changes throughout the year the requirement for my gardening services will also reflect those needs.

Selling your property ?… lacking the enthusiasm to continue the gardening outside as viewings start to become more frequent ?…relax…and contact Bromsgrove gardener who will help to add further value and appeal to your home. If there is a requirement to lease the property then rental properties will acheive higher rental value if the garden can be used by new tennants as soon as they move into the property.

If you wish to contact myself then please use the Contact me option in the website or if you prefer to send an email then please remember to include your contact details.

It may also help myself to discuss your gardening requirement by including a photograph of your garden as it may save time when scheduling a visit.