Gardeners Bromsgrove for pruning trees and branches

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Trees and branches pruned.

Due to the recent bad weather and high winds across the region many gardens will contain debris from the storms and you may find yourself searching for Gardeners in Bromsgrove to remove. If you live inĀ  Bromsgrove then please consider contacting Bromsgrove Gardener.

Preventative tree care is always better if you are considering whether or not that tree in your garden could cause any damage to your property. Very often conifers are planted in gardens for privacy and to create effective borders and little thought is given to the speed with which they can grow over the years. Their appealing nature is that these trees do grow very quickly but if they are left to continue to grow after they have gone past the height of standard step ladders then control is often a problem. If trees need to be removed from gardens in Bromsgrove then searching for gardeners Bromsgrove will ensure that you will be in safe hands.

Cutting trees and pruning branches – help available from Gardeners Bromsgrove.

Trees and branches can be cut and removed from the property if they have no use for wood burners. There are many wood types to choose from which all have different burning properties when used on a wood burner. Ash trees are considered by many to be one of the best woods for burning as it can produce a steady flame and provides a good heat output. Ash trees can also be burnt when they are green unlike Beech trees which are also very good for heat output but do not burn well when green.

The best time to prune trees and garden shrubs is when they are in their dormant stage which is usually later winter or early spring there are exceptions such as plants that flower in the spring from buds made the previous season. Any winter pruning of these shrubs would destroy the current year’s bloom. If pruning is required to remove weak or dead limbs on trees then this can be completed at any time of the year with very little effect on the tree remaining.