Garden clearance service

Trees and branches

Pruned trees and branches to be removed.

Gardens can be cleared from garden waste in the Bromsgrove and surrounding areas throughout Worcestershire. If you ae looking to give your garden that long awaited make over. Or just trying to tidy up accumulated grass cuttings, branches and other items which often find themselves in the garden over the year which you may not wish to put into your vehicle.

Please contact Bromgrove gardener and use our garden clearance service to tidy your garden.


Many people prefer to recycle their own garden waste and we would always encourage and help our customers to consider the environment when efficiently disposing of green waste. Sometimes it is not possible for home owners, tennants or landlords to spare the time removing garden waste or cater for recycling it.

If gardens are left overgrown or a resident moves into a property which has not been inhabited for a long period of time it is often the case that the garden will take time to see the benefits of your hard work.

Why not save yourself the trouble of trying to clear the garden before you start to enjoy it.

Nobody likes to place the contents of their garden (often rotting green waste if it has been there for a few days) into their vehicles.

The cost of having to get the vehicle deep cleaned if the garden waste spills out into the car or insects decide they prefer the dry environment better than your garden can be avoided by simply contacting Bromsgrove gardener who will be able to assist with suggestions for composting naturally or using the recognised recycle bin collection services.